jeudi 13 septembre 2007


The BarCampArtemNancy (France) will take place on the 20th of October in the city of Nancy, east-north of France.

Who :

The BarCamp is generated by ARTEM, strategic partnership of three French Graduate Schools, business school ICN BS), ingeneering school (Ecole des Mines de Nancy) and the School of Art & Design of Nancy. The Mission of this alliance is to explore intellectually and pratically the opportunities of linking Art/design - Sciences/technologies - Management. This BarCamp benefits from the experience of the BarCamp community of Strasbourg, Alsace and Philippe Schoen (thanks Philippe !).

What & When :

The BarCampArtemNancy will take place from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Hotel des Missions Royales, 6 rue Heydenreich, in Nancy. Music and creative cooking will create an open, collaborative and friendly atmosphere.

Why :

Because we believe that innovation must be collectively designed ...

Attendees :

To join us , click the "Edit page" bouton and add yourself on the list.
If you're not comfortable with using a wiki, you can also fill out the form on Optim-us

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